Sri Lanka’s Embraces Global Stage as announces today it’s rebranding transformation into, a strategic manoeuvre devised to drive growth for Sri Lanka’s real estate market. is a real estate classifieds, engineered in it’s early days back in 2018 to be a platform for those looking to buy, sell or rent property in the Sri Lanka.

The platform is positioned in it’s mission to help buyers, sellers, and renters to find/trade real estate online by reducing time to post an ad, and connecting people and property quickly and easily across Sri Lanka.

A Pivotal Moment

The rebranding as is a pivotal moment, not just for the platform itself, but for the real estate companies in the country, and for Sri Lankan expats living outside the country.

The very design of the virtual infrastructure today shall transform from just being a platform that connects people and property, to being a platform that seeks to drive forward the Sri Lankan property market with storytelling of some of Sri Lanka’s best and worst properties, to captivate the audiences across the world, and thereby drive the market positively.

While still maintaining it’s crucial infrastructure as a dedicated property classifieds for every Sri Lankan, the new platform will seek to actively work hand-in-hand with real estate companies to bring exclusive properties to the forefront of the international community of Sri Lankans at home or abroad, and to international foreign investors.

To recapitulate,

The rebranded platform will be positioned to,

  • Help everyone, property owners, and real estate agents in Sri Lanka to reach an audience of Sri Lankans at home, or abroad
  • Move Sri Lankan property to a more global stage with hand-in-hand marketing of selected properties under the portfolios of selected real estate agents
  • Drive property sales of real estate agents – if you’re a real estate agent reach out to us today
  • Drive property market growth with inventive or seasoned strategies
  • Drive investment into Sri Lanka

So Why is designed to be more globally inclusive, and instead of being just a national brand, is being engineered to be a go-to rendezvous for an international audience for finding suitable property in Lanka.

The Mission’s mission today is about,

“Pioneering a movement to attract foreign investment to Sri Lanka’s real estate market, our mission is to showcase lucrative opportunities in the country, and help property owners in Sri Lanka unlock potential of their assets by reaching a local and global, diverse audience, and at the same time serve as an affordable property classifieds for everyone.”

The implementation of the rebranding of to is scheduled to commence on the 6th of March 2024.


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