The Best Way to Move!~ Should You Hire a Moving Company or Do It Yourself

In-credible! You’ve got a new place all ready and waiting, and the excitement of moving is perhaps starting to kick in. But before you dive headlong into those cardboard boxes, you’re now wondering, should you hire a moving company to move your belongings? Or should you do it yourself, and save on the costs? Whether it be the moving company or do it yourself, let’s help you answer that question, and get you settled into your new home real quick.

Hiring a Moving Company

Picture of a professional moving company movers truck.

When it comes to the movers, they’re after all dedicated professionals, with probably from weeks, months, to years of well-rounded experience in the field. With all sorts of different types of furniture, no doubt hiring a professional moving company is a smart decision.

Further, moving is a hassle, and by designating responsibility to the moving company, you’re allowing yourself a lot more convenience and lesser headache about all the packing, the loading and unloading, transportation, and other nitty-gritty elements of the move.

Which is a great idea.

Picture of packed fragile items in cardboard box.

A reputed moving company, (when you’re hiring, make sure to look for excellent reputation), earned it’s reputation up the ladder. That counts as a lot of experience, and dedication to keep their brand and company in good light. And not only are these folks experienced, but they also come equipped with all the right tools and equipment to get the job done.

Whether it be moving heavy furniture up and down flights of stairs, or handling fragile items that need that little bit of extra-special care. A professional moving company generally has got those bases covered.

Plus of course, with all the experience, they should know the ins and outs of moving, and making sure your belongings arrive at your new place in one piece. Or several pieces if you’d prefer it like so.

Doing It Yourself; Moving 101

While hiring a moving company to get the job done is an intelligent move to make, there are plenty of reasons to decide to do the move on your on – DIY.

Of course one of the primary advantages would be perhaps the substantial cost saved from moving and doing it yourself. Hiring a moving company can sure put a considerable dent in your wallet especially if your moving long-distances, or have a lot of furniture, and other bits and pieces.

So moving it yourself can give you good handle on the expenses, by either renting a truck for the minimum, or doing it by yourself with your own vehicle or with the support of a few friends – who you’re promising to pay with a party afterwards.

Hiring a moving company or moving things yourself - Picture of boxes, fridge, washing machine and items in the process of being moved to a new place in a hiring truck which is parked besides a Mercedes van.

Further, while moving might seem like a hassle, for the ones who haven’t experienced it, moving furniture for the first time or first few times, can be a lifelong memorable adventure and a great moment of reunion and fun. – You really don’t want to miss this now. Truly.

Beautiful moments are golden. And be great topics of conversation sometime in the future.

Additionally, when you’re the one in control of your move, it can make it easier to decide when and how you want to pack your goods, how to leisurely organize your things, and when to hit the road and get moving.

And that can also be a not-so-good option as well, for those of us who have a tendency to get stuck in a rut of procrastination – *smiles!

Doing it yourself with perhaps friends and family, is a great option for sure, and sometimes you may come across long-lost items that are a reason for you to remember something special about it much like a time capsule you perhaps thought to never see again.

Also, when moving companies get involved, it may sometimes feel like an invasion of your family’s personal space, and privacy.

“Hire a moving company to take care of all the big and bulky pieces of furniture, and you focus on the smaller more personal items that you can drive away with in your car.”

Either way, whether you choose to hire a moving company, or go the do it yourself route, it does depend on yourself, and your family’s preferences. While there’s a lot of benefit in hiring a professional moving company, there are also a lot benefits to the DIY approach.

What would be a more intelligent option perhaps, would be to do both. Hire a moving company to take care of all the big and bulky pieces of furniture, and you focus on the smaller more personal items that you can drive away with in your car.

This can be a incredibly great option, since it may reduce the number of trips or the number of trucks required by the moving company, thereby saving you money, while at the same time, still allowing you and family a fun and rewarding experience with the smaller, and more personal items.

And on the subject of saving a buck, if moving is going to cost you, you might simply want to consider selling off some of the furniture in the second market, and buying new furniture once more for your new home. A new house, a new day, but with old friends, dear family, and neighbours, still having a special place in your heart.

And since there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, take a deep breath, weigh the pros and cons, and get moving. It’s time to make a new house, your new home.

Modern kitchen in a brand new house. Dark colour scheme.

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