Boom in commercial office spaces in Sri Lanka – Raj Moorthy

One of the biggest loopholes the real estate sector is facing in recent times is the inadequacy of commercial office spaces. While there has been a surfeit of apartments and various property models, developers have been encouraged to also focus on office space.

Modern day companies, often today, have just one employee, it may be the Chairman or CEO of the company. Start-ups and small scale businesses begin with just one employee having a laptop with wi-fi and some stationary which then grows into a billion dollar business.

GrandSpace fills this space vacuum and brings to Sri Lanka the concept of renting out office space. Last week the company launched its space in Kohuwala, on Level 06 of the Tisara Plaza complex.

Samila Maddumage, Director of GrandSpace on the sidelines of the launch, told the Business Times, “It’s one of the demanding segments most…

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(Originally Published: Sunday, February 18, 2018)

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