A fortress, built by the Portuguese, captured by the Dutch, and taken over by the British

Built by the Portuguese in 1618, captured by the Dutch in 1658, and taken over by the British in 1795, is the famous Jaffna Fort located in the coastal village of Gurunagar. The Fort lies about 400+ kilometres or about 164+ nautical miles from Colombo – the metropolitan hub of Sri Lanka.

In pictures…

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Can people visit the Jaffna Fort today?

Yes. People can visit and tour the Jaffna Fort today. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Sri Lankan or a foreigner.

How far is the Jaffna Fort from CMB Airport?

The Jaffna Fort is about 370km by car from the Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) and will take over 7 hours to travel from point-to-point.

What is the average temperature in Jaffna in April?

In April 2024, the average temperature reported in Jaffna is currently 34° (High) / 26° (Low). (NOAA data via Google)

Ticket Prices for Jaffna Fort

Ticket Prices for Jaffna Fort are: for Sri Lankans 20 LKR for adults and 10 LKR for children, and for foreigners 4 USD for adults and 2 USD for children.

Sri Lankans (Locals) Foreigners
Adults 20 LKR 4 USD
Children 10 LKR 2 USD

*Tickets are issued from 7AM to 6PM, and are only valid for that day of issue.

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