How to Make Money at Home With Real Estate with

It’s the new digital age of the internet. With vast opportunities for individuals whether you’re a guy or a gal, to earn money from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re in Sri Lanka, and looking to capitalize on the great real estate market, can be a powerful tool to help you generate income!

We hope this article will help guide you through the process of making money at home using, which is one of the online platforms for real estate listings in Sri Lanka.

So let’s get started. Here’s how you can tap into this resource, to maximize your earning potential.

1 – List your property for rent

Needless to say, listing your property – that’s suitable for rental purposes – online is a great option. features an excellent platform to connect with potential tenants. simply signup, and hit that “Post Ad” button to get started.

Attractive photos of your property and highlights on the key features, and amenities it offers is very important to attract potential buyers.

Also setting a competitive rental price in-line with the surrounding rates is likewise very important. When inquiries come your way, make sure to respond fast as many customers prefer to have answers to their questions as soon as possible.

Providing accurate and appealing details about your property is likewise very important. You sure don’t want to attract people who will likely “bounce off” after inquiring about the property, as it may only give you more phone calls asking more details and taking up more of your time.

2 – Short-term accommodation

Short-term Homestay RentalsAn excellent idea indeed! Taking unfurnished apartments on long-term rent, furnishing them up and re-renting the apartments as short-term stays is a great money making option. There are dozens of people from the Maldives, India, and other neighbouring countries who come to Sri Lanka looking for short-term stays.

And this is a demand that can be intelligently supplied, even in commercial city like Colombo. Your property doesn’t have to be only in a holiday-specific setting. Rather, even be it in Nuwara Eliya, or in the city centre of Colombo, it’s a great opportunity to make some money from home. Furnish the property beautifully, make an eye-catching listing, provide detailed descriptions and amenities, and shoot high-quality pictures. Set competitive pricing and offer flexible, and smart booking options to attract travellers looking for cheaper or unique accommodations in the country.

3 – Offer property management services

Facility Management companies are very famous for providing niche or comprehensive services to apartments. If you have excellent organizational and management skills, you can consider offering property management services through the website.Facility Management Services Concept Picture

Many property owners require assistance with tasks such as tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance, and marketing. For example, a property management company would be responsible for ensuring everything is working in perfect order, whether it be cleaning of the apartment, or repairing the air conditioning.

(Here’s a very interesting article you must read on being a better Property Manager!)

You don’t really have to do all of those tasks, rather, as an FM company, you could either have your own technical staff, or outsource those specific tasks when necessary. Excellent indeed! This can be an ideal opportunity to earn money by helping others manage their properties effectively. If you’re already a Facility Management company, get in touch and we’ll toss up a profile for you on

4 – Become a real estate agent

If you enjoy connecting people with their ideal properties, and have a keen interest and knowledge of the real estate market, you can consider becoming a real estate agent for sure. A real estate agent is essentially a broker, and that can be an individual broker, or a brokerage company. Your income would be from facilitating property sales or rentals, from which you’d take a commission of that transaction. It’s always a good idea to to build a network of potential buyers and sellers, and to stay updated on market trends.

Your knowledge and expertise in the industry must shine through the property listings you manage. And that includes excellent pictures, well written listings, and so on. What’s more, word-of-mouth marketing to trusted people you know is a great way to get started and build your rapport in the industry.

Welcome Mat5 – Provide property-related services

There are plenty plenty plenty of property related services that you can provide from your own home! If you have skills in interior designing, home staging, property photography, or property marketing, you can offer your services to property owners and real estate agents. Here at, we’d love to showcase your skills to the nation. So get in touch with us and let’s make it happen.

6 – Storytelling

Have you a story to tell about somewhere you stayed? An adventure, a life experience? Have a historical reference to talk about? Here at PropertyInLanka, we love publishing interesting stories, and we pay decent money for them. And that’s a sixth way for you to make money with property! If you have an interesting never-before-heard story, and have great writing skills, get in touch with PropertyInLanka today with your pitch. Share your story and get paid. is a powerful powerful online platform that can help you capitalize on the real estate market and generate income from the comfort of your own home in Sri Lanka.

Whether you choose to list your property for rent, offer short-term accommodations, provide property management services, become a real estate agent, or offer property-related services, can be a valuable resource to connect you with highly potential clients.

Maximize your earning potential by leveraging our platform effectively, offering exceptional customer service, and staying updated on the vast real estate industry.

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